Digital Video Recorder

Wave’s Digital Video Recorder (DVR) allows you to record and playback your favorite shows and movies with the touch of a button. Wave’s dual-tuner DVR lets you watch a live program while recording another, record two programs at the same time, and even watch a previously recorded program while recording others. The DVR DCT is installed in the same manner as a regular DCT, depending on the equipment in your home. Most Wave DVRs are capable of HD service. How you choose to have it connected to your TV or home theater will depend on what services you have from Wave and what your equipment will support.


Multi-Room Digital Video Recorder

Wave’s Multi-Room Digital Video Recorder (MR-DVR) is installed in the same manner as a the other DCTs discussed in this guide. Multi-Room DVR allows you to record, playback and delete programs on your primary MR-DVR Server from any connected MR-DVR Client in your home.

Not all DVR and Multi-Room DVR DCTs look the same, and as equipment continues to evolve the one you receive may look different from the one that’s pictured below.

Multi Room DVR DCX3400