All-In-One Home Network Gateway


Finding your way around.

Search By Category

Your Home Network Gateway uses a state-of-the-art high definition interface to access many of it’s built- in features.

Horizontal Categories

Once you’ve pressed the MENU button to bring up the main menu, the top level of choices will appear in a horizontal band; use the left and right arrow buttons on your remote to browse through your choices. There are a couple of features to be aware of with the horizontal categories:

Auto Expand – When you bring a horizontal card into focus, all of the choices in that category will open up in a vertical list.

Navigation Fade Back – When a vertical list appears, the horizontal navigation fades. Simply pressing the left or right arrow buttons will bring the horizontal menu back.

Vertical Lists

End of List Marker – A thin, colored line that  defines the beginning and end of a vertical list.

Option Card – Some categories contain cards that allow you to take action on the entire vertical list. Pressing OK on these option cards will reveal all of the actions available. Option cards will differ in appearance from the rest of the cards in the list. In some areas of the main menu, such as Find by Category, the option card will allow you to access a deeper level of the menu.

Turbo Scroll – If you hold down an arrow button, you can increase your browsing speed. The icons will help you quickly recognize media as it scrolls by. When you press INFO with an item in focus, you’ll get a list of options for that item in an action menu.

Use the up and down arrow buttons on the remote to scroll through your action menu options. Action menus have a focus, just like the main menu. To select an option, bring it into focus and press OK. To close the action menu, either select close or press the left arrow button.


Set a recording and watch recorded shows.

In the horizontal menu, you’ll find the Recorded TV category. All of the recorded and currently recording shows are listed in the vertical band in alphabetical order. Episodes of a series are grouped into folders; you’ll see the individual episodes in the preview panel to the right. To watch a show, select it, and press OK. And if you’ve already watched half of the show, you can choose whether to resume where you left off or start over from the beginning.

Set a Recording

Recorded TV

When watching a program or scrolling through the guide, you can hit the REC button on your remote. You will see a screen appear allowing you to set the recording options, and then confirm the recording. Series recording options are also available in that list.

Watch Recorded Programs

Recorded TV

Hit the A button on the remote, or navigate to the Recorded Shows category in the horizontal list. You can then highlight the show folder or individual program. To play an individual recording, highlight what you want to play, then press OK on the remote. To play a Series Recording (under show folder), hit the right arrow button on your remote, and it will move you to the list of episodes. Now press OK on the episode you would like to play.


On Demand     On Demand – Contains the TV On Demand library of all available titles.

Movies     Movies – View available movies, including live TV, recorded TV and TV On Demand.

Sports     Sports – A filter that displays all available sports content.

Kids     Kids – Access all children’s programming in one consolidated list.

Music     TV Music – Music Channels to match your taste and mood.

News     News – A filter that displays all of the 24-hour news channels and current news programming.

Favorites     Favorites – Add your favorite TV, video, photo and music content to one convenient place.

HD     HDTV – A filter that displays all of the high-definition content.


Find By Title, By Keyword and Category.

Search By Title

When you use any of these three search options to look for a show, the results will return shows that are currently airing, airing sometime in the future, TV On Demand programming, and shows that you have recorded. You’ll be able to tell what type of show you’re looking at by the color of the card:

The Search Options card allows you to choose which type of content is displayed in both Search results and in the TV Filters. To customize the type of content that appears in both areas, select Options and press OK to clear the check box for the type of content you would like to remove. You can remove TV Recordings, TV Shows and On Demand.

Home Network

The Home Network feature allows you to stream media from any server in your home, such as your computer, to your Wave Home Network Gateway. Because the Gateway Server is DLNA®-based, it is completely plug and play; if your computer is connected to your home network and has a DLNA server, you should automatically see that computer listed in the Home Network category of the main menu.

The following DLNA servers have been fully tested with your Wave Home Network Gateway: Windows Media Player, TVersity Media Server, Windows Media Connect, Twonky Media Manager, Media Mall PlayOn.

Home Network supports the following file types:

* These file types are available through DLNA® servers that support transcoding. Content that is protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM) will not be accessible.


See who’s calling and view previous calls.

phone list

When you’re receiving an incoming call, you’ll see an indicator on the screen no matter where you are in the menu.

While the indicator is on the screen, other remote functionality is disabled. The indicator will automatically dismiss itself after 30 seconds, but you can dismiss it immediately by pressing OK and choosing close. You can also use the left arrow button as a shortcut to dismiss the indicator.

Your Wave Home Network Gateway also maintains a list of calls you’ve received. You can access this list in two ways: through the Home Phone category or by pressing OK on a call indicator. Press OK to get an action menu. Options include Clear Call Log, which will delete the call record, and Settings, which provides a shortcut to the phone settings section.


View latest headlines, sports scores, weather and more.


Select the SuperTicker category to launch full screen TV with the SuperTicker displayed along the bottom.

The SuperTicker will automatically scroll through each topic, subtopic, and news item. If you’re interested in a particular topic, you can use the left and right arrow buttons to browse through topics and the up and down arrows to scroll through items in each topic.

If you see a headline that interests you, you can read the whole story by pressing OK and choosing more info. You can also press the INFO button. An info note will open up that displays the story. The Asterisk button on the remote will rotate the following options: locking a topic, locking an item, and unlocking everything.

Built-in Games

Helping pass the time between shows.


Wave’s Home Network Gateway comes with a selection of 14 built-in games that you can play on your TV using your Gateway remote control.

From the Games category you’ll have access to:


Customize your All-In-One Home Network Gateway.

Parental Controls

Parental Controls

Settings provides robust Parental Controls, including the ability to lock shows by TV Rating, Movie Rating and Channel. In addition, you can lock out individual shows, including recorded programs, from action menus for each show in the main menu. The system records scheduled shows that are blocked by parental controls, but you must enter the PIN before you can watch them. Parental Controls also allows you to turn on the option to have a PIN prompt before any TV On Demand or PPV purchase.

Working with your PIN

Creating a PIN

  1. The first time you use Parental Controls (or purchase a PPV or TV On Demand program), the system asks you to create a PIN.
  2. In the Settings category, scroll to the Parental Controls card, and press OK.
  3. Press the numbers on the remote to enter a four digit PIN and then enter the PIN again to confirm it.
  4. Choose close.

Changing a PIN

  1. In the Settings category, scroll to the Parental Controls card, and press OK.
  2. Choose settings, use the left arrow to scroll left to the Change PIN card, and then press OK.
  3. Enter the old PIN, enter the new PIN, and then enter the new PIN again to confirm it.

Refer to the All-In-One Home Network Gateway User’s Guide for additional Settings information and details.

Wireless Network Configuration

When your installer leaves your home after setting up your Home Network Gateway, your network will be configured and functional. There are a few settings that you may want to alter at some point in the future that are accessible from the Gateway’s eRouter website at

The default username to log in to the website is Admin. Your installer should leave you with information about your login password. You may, at some point, want to change the following settings:

SSID: The default SSID for your router is taken from the Wave Home Network Gateway serial number on the bottom of the Gateway Server. You have the option to change the SSID to a more friendly, recognizable name.

Passphrase: The passphrase for your wireless network is printed on the label on the bottom of your Home Network Gateway Server. You may want to change this passphrase initially to something more secure. In addition, you may want to change it periodically to maintain security levels.

RF Channel: If you’re experiencing interference from a neighbor’s wireless network, for example, try changing the RF channel frequency.

If, at any point, you forget your SSID or passphrase and need to access them to add additional devices to your network, you can press the reset button on the back of your Gateway Server to reset the router to the default settings.


Wave has trained service specialists on-hand 24/7.

Call 1-866-WAVE-123 and get ready to hear some answers.


For a quick reference guide, download the Quick Reference All-In-One Home Network Gateway.