The Interactive Program Guide

Digital cable comes with an interactive on-screen programming guide. It’s intuitive, convenient and easy to use. Search by genre, time or title. Get detailed program information, set reminders and favorites, and use parental controls.

Using Your Interactive On-Screen Guide

Wave’s On-Screen Guide unlocks a world of greater choice, convenience and control so you can fully enjoy your digital cable entertainment experience. The Quick Menu gives you easy access to the programming and information you want, and you’ll be able to easily set Recordings, Favorites and Parental Controls. This reference guide provides basic information about these features so you can quickly get up to speed. This guide may also be downloaded here as a PDF.

Action Icons – One Touch Access

While navigating the On-Screen Guide, these icons may appear on the different screens.

On-Screen Guide Main Menu icon Main Menu
On-Screen Guide DVR Menu icon Digital Video Recorder Menu
On-Screen Guide OnDemand icon On Demand Menu
On-Screen Guide PPV Menu icon Pay-Per-View Menu
On-Screen Guide HDTV icon High Definition Television Menu
On-Screen Guide Favorites icon Favorites Menu
On-Screen Guide search icon Search Menu
On-Screen Guide movies icon Movies Menu
On-Screen Guide sports icon Sports Menu
On-Screen Guide parental controls icon Parental Controls Menu
On-Screen Guide go back icon Go Back to Previous Menu
On-Screen Guide cancel recording icon Set/Cancel Recording Recording Options
On-Screen Guide upcoming times icon Upcoming Times for Program
On-Screen Guide watch this icon Watch This Program
On-Screen Guide order ppv icon Order PPV Program
On-Screen Guide view package icon View Package Information
On-Screen Guide play program icon Play Program
On-Screen Guide restart program icon Restart Program from Beginning
On-Screen Guide delete program icon Delete Program

Quick Menu: Quick & Easy

Interactive On-Screen Guide Back Screen

The Quick Menu offers shortcuts to key On-Screen Guide features. Just press MENU on your remote anytime while using the guide or watching TV, and you’ll have easy access to your DVR, On Demand and HD programming, Search, and Parental Controls.

All Access With Main Menu

Interactive On-Screen Guide Listings By Time

From the Main Menu, you can access all On-Screen Guide features. Press MENU twice, then select from the options, including Listings By Time, Search, DVR, Local Weather, Setup and more.

Listings By Time

Interactive On-Screen Guide Listings

Press GUIDE to access Listings By Time. Channel numbers and network call letters appear on the left with times along the top. Use the arrows to navigate the lineup and to go forward in time. Color coding makes it easy:

Mini Guide

Interactive On-Screen Guide Back Screen

Mini Guide lets you watch television and view listings without having to leave your program. To access, press OK/Select then use the left/right arrows to browse time and up/down arrows to browse channels.

Instant Program Info

Interactive On-Screen Guide TV Listings

Wave’s On-Screen Guide provides Instant Information while you view program listings, including program title, start/end time, and a brief description including ratings. Helpful indicators identify settings, such as Reminders, Recordings, Locks and Favorites.

Action Icons

Interactive On-Screen Guide Set Reminder

From the Listings By Time grid, press INFO to learn more about a program. Use the Action Icons at the bottom to set Recordings, Reminders, Parental Controls, and more.

Smart Channel Surfing

Interactive On-Screen Guide More Options

The Flip Bar

provides program information as you change channels, plus, you can even tune easily to the associated HD channel or On Demand. Press OK to select, or INFO for program details.

Enhanced Searching

Interactive On-Screen Guide Search For Movies

Wave’s on-screen guide offers expanded search capabilities so you can find your favorite shows faster as well as discover new ones. Search by Category or by Title, Keyword or Actor/Director. Access Search from the magnifying glass on the Quick Menu or from the Main Menu.

Interactive On-Screen Guide Keyword Search

When searching by Keyword, Title, or Actor/ Director, use the on-screen keyboard to spell out your request. The guide will search for shows. You can select Save Search or set an Auto-Recording right from any Search results screen.

Parental Controls

Interactive On-Screen Guide PIN

Parental Controls allow you to restrict viewing and purchases of TV programs based on your preferences. Seta personalized 4-digit PIN to place locks on selected movie & TV ratings, TV content ratings, channels, and titles. You can also hide adult titles from being displayed on screen.

Parental Locks Setup

Interactive On-Screen Guide TV Content Locks

Set a parental control lock at any time while watching TV or from On-Screen Guide. Press the LOCK button on your remote (if available), or from any program listing screen select the LOCK icon.

Parental and Purchase PINs

To set up and change your Parental Locks PIN and Purchase PIN, select PINs Setup from Setup Menu. Follow the on-screen prompts to create, change or clear your PINs.

Go Ahead, Play Favorites

Interactive On-Screen Guide Family Picks

Create up to five Favorites lists – one for everyone in the family. Select the HEART icon from the Quick Menu, or My Favorite Channels from the Main Menu.


Interactive On-Screen Guide Messages

Wave Broadband may occasionally send announcements of new services, special promotions and other information. If you have a message, an envelope will appear in the upper left corner of your On-Screen Guide and a red light will appear on the cable box. Select Messages from Main Menu to view your messages.

Enhance Your Digital Cable Experience

With Wave’s Interactive On-Screen Guide, it’s easy to find and discover the programs you love. With enhanced search capabilities and new DVR recording management tools, you can enjoy your favorite shows anytime.

Remote Control Features – Basic Navigation

Interactive On-Screen Guide Remote

TV On Demand Brings the Video Store to You

Interactive On-Screen Guide More Options

To order a TV On Demand program, select ON from Quick Menu, or On Demand from Main Menu to go to the On Demand Menu. Alternately, you can tune to Channel 1 on your cable box. Select a category and press OK on your remote to see a listing of programs. Choose any title and press OK for the information screen. If the program is available at no cost, the EYE icon will appear, or if there is a cost it will be shown on the screen and the BUY icon will appear. Highlight or and follow the on- screen prompts to order.

Pay Per View (PPV) Made Easy

Interactive On-Screen Guide PPV By Title

Ordering PPV events and specials is easy. From the Quick Menu or Main Menu, select the PPV option to see a list of available programs. Use your remote to get detailed information, watch a preview, and place an order.

Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

Interactive On-Screen Guide My Recordings

Pause live television. Rewind and replay programs. Record your favorites all season long. With Wave’s DVR, you’re in control from the comfort of your own home. And with a dual-tuner DVR, you can watch one program while recording another.

Control Live TV

Interactive On-Screen Guide Live Pause

Any time you tune to a channel, the DVR starts a temporary recording. So you can PAUSE if the phone rings, REWIND the scene you missed, and FAST-FORWARD to skip what you don’t want to watch.

Build Your Personal Video Library

Recording with the DVR is easy. Press REC on your remote anytime while watching TV for easy one-touch recording. Press RECORD from the Program Info screen to set up a one time or series recording, or even set up an auto- recording from any Search results screen *.   * Note: On Demand programs may not be recorded with DVR.

Your Recordings Your Way

Interactive On-Screen Guide My Recordings

Wave’s On-Screen Guide helps you easily manage your recordings. Access the DVR Menu from DVR on the Quick Menu or Main Menu, or press LIST on your remote. From here select My Recordings to view your recorded programs.

Series Recordings

Interactive On-Screen Guide Listings with Folders

Series recordings are automatically grouped into Folders so you can quickly scroll through your list. Use the arrows to select a series and press OK/Select. Scroll through the list to find the episode you want to see.

Managing Series Recordings

Interactive On-Screen Guide Series Overlay

When you set a series recording, you may wish to check Recording Options to specify whether you want first-run or all episodes, how many recordings to save, and other options.

Managing DVR Recordings

Interactive On-Screen Guide Bulk Delete

DVR Cleanup lets you delete multiple shows at once, and DVR History keeps track of shows that were deleted. Wave’s On-Screen Guide makes it simple to organize your shows so you can enjoy watching on your schedule.