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You can access the Main Menu by pressing the MENU button on the remote at any time the MR-DVR application is running. The options presented will vary depending on the screen or function the user is interacting with. The image on the right shows the options available from the My Recordings screen. Additional options (see list below) are available when accessing the Main Menu during playback.

Use the left and right arrow keys on the remote to navigate the Main Menu options.

Press the OK or Select button on your remote to select the menu option.

DVR Guide - OK


Main Menu Options

DVR Guide - Pause Pause – Pause live TV on a non-DVR set-top. This feature enables you to pause the live TV content you were viewing prior to launching the DVR application on the remote cable box.

DVR Guide - View View Playback Details – Takes you to the Playback Details screen.

DVR Guide - Delete Recording Delete Recording – Deletes the selected recording.

DVR Guide - Recording Schedule New Recording – Takes you to the Schedule a Recording screen where you can set up future recordings.

DVR Guide - View Recording View Scheduled Recordings – Opens the Future Recording screen that displays a list of programs you have already scheduled to record.

DVR Guide - Follow Me Set Follow-me Bookmark – Bookmarks the recording you are currently watching for playback at the same  place  from  any  other  connected  set- top in the home. Note: This function is available by pressing the MENU button during the playback of a recording.

DVR Guide - View Hub List View  Hub  List  –  Takes you to the Hub screen, which   displays all the Digital Video Recorders (Hubs) you have in your home. You can also assign a custom name to the DVR(s) in your home from this screen.