Manage Your Recordings

A recorded program remains in your My Recordings list until you decide to delete it or have set it to delete when space is needed. Your DVR will record and store standard definition programming and High Definition programming up to its maximum capacity. There are several options you can choose to make the most efficient use of your storage space.

NOTE: Recording capacity varies by DCT model. Recording HD programming requires a DVR connection to an HD television

Wave’s DVR gives you easy ways to manage your recordings.

DVR Setup

DVR Guide - DVR Setup

From the Quick Menu or Main Menu, select DVR to access DVR Setup to manage:

The default setting is “On” for these options. You can also access DVR Setup from the Setup Menu.

DVR Folders

DVR Guide - Listings With Folders

Helps to keep recorded series organized by automatically grouping like titles into folders. Highlight the DVR Folders to open and scroll down to select a specific episode to watch. Press LAST to return to your recordings list.

Live Program Notice – Default “On”

DVR Guide - Live Program

The notice overlay will appear when a DVR recording is scheduled for a live program, such as sports or awards shows. You can choose to extend the recording time of live programs in the event the program runs longer than scheduled.

DVR Clipping

The Wave DVR provides a feature to accommodate recording two overlapping programs. With DVR Clipping, the DVR will automatically clip the beginning of a program if there is a recording overlap when both tuners are in use. For example, while watching live TV, a scheduled recorded program ends at 9:05, but your second recorded program is scheduled to begin at 9:00; the second program will be “clipped” so that your first program is recorded in full. Clipping happens when both tuners are in use during the recording time. If this occurs, a “clipped” notice will appear next to those programs in the My Recordings listings.

Manage Series Priorities

DVR Guide - Series Priority List

From the DVR Menu select Series Recordings to view a list of Series and Keyword Series. Use the UP/DOWN arrows on your remote to highlight a series. To change a priority, use the page up/down keys on your remote to move the series up or down your list. Select Confirm to accept your changes. The first series has the highest priority and will be the one recorded if there is a conflict.

DVR Cleanup

DVR Guide - Bulk Delete

From the Main Menu, select DVR Menu to access DVR Cleanup.

DVR Cleanup allows you to delete multiple recordings with a simple check box. When  you select DVR  Cleanup, a DVR Cleanup screen appears, with a list of all of your recordings. To check what recordings to delete, simply highlight the corresponding box(es), then arrow left to highlight the Delete button and press OK/Select, and confirm your deletion.

DVR History

DVR Guide - History By Channel

DVR History provides you with a list of recent DVR deletions or missed recordings. If a program did not record, DVR History will provide a reason why the program didn’t record or when a program was deleted.