Modify Recording Options

Wave’s DVR gives you flexibility to manage your personal video library. You can modify your Recording Options at any time, as often as you like.

From Scheduled Recordings

DVR Guide - Series Info

From the Quick Menu or Main Menu (or from My DVR on the remote), select DVR, then select Future Recordings to see a list. Highlight a program title and press OK/Select or INFO. You can also select Series Recordings to see a list of just scheduled series.

Select DVR Guide - Recording from the Program Information Screen. Select DVR Guide - Recording Options to change the Recording Options or select DVR Guide - Delete to  delete  the program from your list of Future Recordings.

Use the DVR Guide - arrows buttons on your remote to change the Recording Options:

From Listings

DVR Guide - TV List

Select your Scheduled Recording in the listings; it will be indicated by the red dot in the Instant Info.

Press OK/Select or INFO and select DVR Guide - Recording to change your options or delete the Scheduled Recording.

From here, you can select DVR Guide - Lock to cancel the recording, or select DVR Guide - Recording Options to see all the Recording Options.

DVR Guide - Series Overlay