Status Bar

The Status Bar appears whenever you Pause, Rewind or Fast-Forward a live program. The Status Bar shows title, channel and duration of time. Green indicates the length of program in the buffer. Red indicates you are watching a DVR recording in progress. White indicates the length of multiple programs that have been recorded in the buffer.

NOTE: Recording buffer (temporary storage) for each tuner will record as long as you stay tuned to the same channel.


DVR Guide - DVR Pause

You can Pause live TV anytime by pressing DVR Guide - Pause on your remote. For programs you’re watching live, your DVR will remain in pause for up to 90 minutes. Pressing Pause DVR Guide - Pause more than once allows frame by frame viewing. Press Play DVR Guide - Play to resume the program.

NOTE: Pause capacity depends on video format; less than 90 minutes for HD programming.


DVR Guide - DVR Rewind

Press Rewind DVR Guide - Rewind to rewind. Press it up to 4 times to increase Rewind speed. On the 5th press, the program resumes normal play.


DVR Guide - DVR Fast Forward

For live TV, Fast-Forward DVR Guide - Fast Forward can be activated if you have pressed Pause or Rewind. Press the DVR Guide - Fast Forward to move forward. Press it up to 4 times to increase FF speed. On the 5th press, the program resumes normal play. You can only Fast-Forward up to the point of live broadcast.


DVR Guide - DVR Slow Forward

Use the DVR’s Slow Motion feature to access “slow-forward” and “slow-rewind”– perfect when watching sporting events.

To  activate,  press  Pause DVR Guide - Pause , then Fast Forward DVR Guide - Fast Forward or Pause DVR Guide - Pause then Rewind DVR Guide - Rewind.     Press Play DVR Guide - Play to resume regular program speed.

Instant Replay

DVR Guide - DVR Instant Play

With Instant Replay, you can replay the last 15 seconds of a program. Press Replay DVR Guide - Replay or Page DVR Guide - button on the remote. Press repeatedly to continue skipping back in 15-second increments.

NOTE: Not all remotes have Replay and Live buttons.

Return to Live TV

When you pause or rewind a live program, the program continues to broadcast in real time. To return to live programming press the Live DVR Guide - Live or DVR Guide - button button remote.

NOTE: Not all remotes have Replay and Live buttons.

SWAP Between Two Programs

If your DVR has two tuners, it can buffer (temporarily record) two programs at the same time – one on each tuner. The SWAP feature allows you toggle back and forth between two live shows while giving you control of both. If you change channels any other way than using the SWAP button, you will lose the buffer recording.