Configuring Your Computer

Once the cable modem is online and connected to your computer, it is necessary to set up your computer to access the internet through the modem. If you do not have an Ethernet port and are connecting with USB, it is necessary to first install the proper USB drivers. Contact a Wave Broadband service technician at 1-866-WAVE-123 if you need assistance connecting via USB.

Provisioning Your Operating System Software

With most cable modems, the “cable” and “status” light will blink until connected then stay solid. The “PC” light should blink when connected, and the “data” light will blink when actively used. If the lights are not lit, please follow the appropriate steps for the software you are using. Once the proper cables have been connected, and the “cable” and “status” indicator lights are solid, you are ready to connect to the Internet. Locate your computer’s operating system and follow the instructions on how to provision it for internet access.

In all cases you will need to make the following settings:

  1. Set connection type to Ethernet (or USB if this is the case with your computer)
  2. Set internet protocol to TCP/IP
  3. Set IP and DNS addresses to “Obtain Automatically”

If you do not see your software listed on the following pages and need assistance, please call technical support and we will be happy to assist you. Please note that Wave only supports Windows 7, Vista, XP, or 2000, or Mac OS 8.5-9.2 or OSX and above.

Internet FAQs

Q. How does Wave’s cable modem access differ from DSL?

A. DSL stands for “Digital Subscriber Line” and is the technology used by most phone companies to provide Internet access. In order to receive quality DSL service you must live close to the telephone company’s Central Office (CO). If you live too far from the CO you may experience slow service or not be able to receive service at all. Unlike DSL, Wave’s network provides reliable high speed service in a variety of speeds and prices, no matter where you live on our network.

Q. Do I need a user ID or password to access the Internet?

A. You do not need a password to access the Internet—once your cable modem is connected and configured properly you have an always-on, direct connection to the web. You will need a login name and password to access your email account.

Q. How do I set up my Wave email account?

A. You can call Wave technical support to set up your email account and have your password set, or you can create an email address online within Wave’s Internet Account Manager at wavebroadband. com/iam. Once your email account is active, you can use your login and password to access your account and configure email client software (such as Outlook).

Configuring Windows 7

Windows 7 Configuration

Configuring Windows Vista

Windows Vista Local Area Status

Configuring Windows XP

Windows XP Local Area Connection Properties

Configuring Mac OSX, 10.1.5 or later

Configuring Mac OSX