Wave Email

While you can use any email provider you choose with Wave High Speed Internet, up to ten wavecable.com email addresses are included with your service. Each email address can store up to 50 MB of messages on Wave’s mail server. You can create an email address by going to wavebroadband.com/iam. Alternately, you can call our technical support department, and our staff can create one or more email addresses for you, and help you configure your computer.

Once your email address is created, you can configure email client software on your computer to access it, such as Windows Mail, Outlook Express or Mac Mail. Any email software you use will need the following information to send and receive email for your wavecable.com address:

Display Name: Your full name as you want it to appear in emails

Email Address: Your email address, eg. johndoe@wavecable.com

Incoming Mail Server: mail.wavecable.com

Outgoing Mail Server: mail.wavecable.com

Account Name: The first part of your address, eg. johndoe

Password: The password you used when creating the address

For complete instructions on how to set up the most common email client programs, visit wavebroadband.com , click on the “Support” menu and select “Email Setup”.

Using Another Email Provider

If you wish to use another email service rather than the email that comes free with your Wave internet, you will need to use the account settings for incoming mail from that provider. However, you will need to use mail.wavecable.com as your outgoing mail server – all other settings should be provided by your email service provider.

For a quick reference guide on setting up your Wave Email, download the Wave Internet Quick Reference Guide.