Connecting the Phone

Arris Telephony TM402A

Standby Button

Some MTAs have a Standby button on the front of the unit. Pressing the Standby button will either suspend or activate your computers connection to the Internet.

The Standby button does not affect telephone service; telephony service will work regardless of the status of your computer’s connection to the internet.


Reset Button

Using a paper clip to push the Reset button on the back of the Telephony Modem will reset the

Operation Safety

Connecting the Telephony Modem (MTA) to your existing telephone wiring should be performed by a professional installer. Failure to do so may result in electrical shock, loss of phone service, loss of 911/E911 service and/or permanent damage to the Telephony Modem.

Battery Back-up

Wave’s telephony modems come equipped with battery back-up already built-in. The battery will maintain your phone service during a power outage. How long the battery will work depends on your model of telephony modem and how well the battery retains a charge.

The estimated life of our telephony modem batteries is 6 to 10 years. If you have any concerns about the age or functionality of your modem battery, we offer free battery checks, up to once a year.