WavePhone™ Service During a Power Outage

WavePhone is designed to perform just like traditional landline phone service. However, the underlying digital technology that allows WavePhone to deliver crystal-clear sound quality can also cause Wave Phone to act a bit differently during a power outage.While this rarely impacts our customers, we want to make sure you know how to stay prepared if this situation should ever arise.

WavePhone service is delivered via packet technology, and unlike an internet phone service,WavePhone uses our own fiber-optic connection and a dedicated private network to ensure the highest quality service. It relies on a telephony modem to work, and that modem requires power to operate.  If you lose power in your home, then your WavePhone service requires a backup power source to function.

Wave’s telephony modems come equipped with battery back-up already built-in. That battery will continue to power your phone service until power to your house is restored. How long the battery will work depends on your model of telephony modem and how well the battery retains a charge.

The estimated life of our telephony modem batteries is 6 to 10 years. If you have any concerns about the age or functionality of your modem battery, we offer free battery checks, up to once a year. You can call us anytime at 1-866-928-3123 to schedule a visit from one of our service technicians to check your modem battery, and replace it with a new one, if necessary.

If you have your own back-up power supply, such as a generator, then you can use this power source to run your telephony modem during an outage.

We also recommend having at least one telephone receiver in your home that does not require an external power source (does not plug into an electrical outlet), or make sure you have a battery back-up, or secondary power source, for your telephone receiver as well.

WavePhone, like all Wave services, also requires that our facilities maintain power. To that end, all of our key facilities have automatic back-up generators, and we have our own back-up power supplies at most other levels throughout our systems, as well as contingency plans in place to minimize the likelihood of an outage. In the unlikely event that the Wave facility that supplies service to your home loses power, then your phone service will not work, even if you have power at your location.

If you have an emergency alert system that uses your landline phone, such as Life Alert, that system will not work if your WavePhone service is not working. We encourage you to have a charged battery back-up or another secondary power source available to maintain your phone service in the case of a power outage to your home— as well as alternative methods of communication, such as a Go Phone for emergency situations.

911/E911 Emergency Information

If you attempt to install or use the Wave equipment or VoIP services at another location, the VoIP services, including but not limited to 911/E911, may fail to function or may function improperly.

Wave phone service is electrically powered and that service, including the ability to access 911 services, security and medical monitoring services, may not operate in the event of an area power outage or if the cable connection is disrupted or not operating.

Included with your equipment are advisory warning stickers that provide information regarding the limitations of 911/E911 service with VoIP services. Please place these stickers on or near the equipment used with Wave phone services.